Season 1: Current - January, 2022

Lovely Writer
Fish Upon the Sky
Doom at Your Service
I Promised You the Moon
Y Destiny
My Roommate is a Gumiho
Golden Blood
Love Me If You Dare
The Devil Judge
The Gifted

Season 2: Air Date February, 2022

The Yearbook
My Mister
The Veil
The Scholar Who Walks the Night
Romance is a Bonus Book
Hometown ChaChaCha
Now, We're Breaking Up
The Gifted Graduation
Dalri and Gamjatang
Dalri and Gamjatang
Seven Project
Seven Project
Between Us**

A note from your friendly podcast hosts:

Several series we’d like to focus on are in production limbo (indicated above) due to complications from the ongoing pandemic. The podcast will be sure to cover them once they become available. Any show listed for upcoming seasons are subject to change without notice.